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COFOLA International 2017

Language: English

Section 1: Resolution of International Disputes 

Scientific Guarantor: JUDr. Klára Drličková, Ph.D.

Organisatinal Guarantors: Mgr. Silvie Mahdalová, Mgr. Lucie Zavadilová

Resolution of international disputes has become the traditional topic of COFOLA INTERNATIONAL conference. Same as in the previous year we thus call for papers dealing with this area of law. There are many sources of possible disagreement between the parties. If the disputes cannot be resolved by negotiation between the parties, they will need to be resolved in a legal process. At present, there are several ways of dispute resolution depending on the kind of dispute. International commercial arbitration has become the preferred way of dispute resolution in the area of cross-border commercial relationships. Arbitration is also used in disputes between states and foreign investors, i.e. investment arbitration. Dispute resolution is an issue in relation to consumer contracts. Last but not least, the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution in various areas is currently a topic. The problem of resolution of international disputes has not only national dimension. The law of the European Union as well as public international law may be concerned as well. The area of resolution of international disputes still raises a lot of questions. The papers in this section should focus on one of the following areas:

  • Current issues in the area of international commercial arbitration.
  • Current issues in the area of international investment arbitration including the position of the EU and EU law.
  • Resolution of cross-border consumer contracts including the regulation on the EU level.
  • Use of ADR in cross-border disputes.


Section 2: Multiple Marriages and Marriages with Minors within the Context of Immigration Crisis

Scientific Guarantors: JUDr. Klára Drličková, Ph.D., doc. JUDr. Marek Fryšták, Ph.D.

Organisatinal Guarantors: Mgr. Silvie Mahdalová, Mgr. Lucie Zavadilová

The migration wave that Europe has felt is an important social fact, which demands an effective reaction of both executive powers and legal orders of European states as well as of the European Union itself. This reaction concerns primarily public law, because its leading motives are security, asylum and residence rights and policies, interstate cooperation and coordination on the EU level. Developing and using appropriate legal instruments covering full context of this current challenge is complicated and sensitive issue. One of the most sensitive issues are those that relate to family law. Several Member States have already faced and tried to find solutions to the situation of multiple marriages including marriages with minors. Other Member States may face this problem in the future. Such marriages may be compatible with law of states from which immigrants come, however, they are not allowed under the law of Member States. We are thus witness to the conflict not only of various legal orders, but more importantly of core values.

Therefore, we have decided to devote a special section to this specific issue. The papers in this section should focus on the various legal aspects of this particular situation – multiple marriages (including marriages with minors) of immigrants coming to the Members States provided such marriages are in line with the law of the country from which immigrants come. Only the legal aspects of this situation shall by subject of the papers. The papers may analyse the possible legal problems that arise out of this situations, the suggested solutions or the solutions already adopted in the Member States including the analysis of relevant case law. We welcome papers from the area of family law, private international law, constitutional law as well as criminal law.

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