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Information about Papers


Applicants have to submit abstracts of their papers. Abstracts have to describe goals, content and main conclusions of their papers. The abstracts shall have min. 400 words. Only papers that fully correspond to the topic of the particular section are chosen. 

Working Papers

Chosen participants have to submit working versions of their papers. Working papers are subject to the first internal review. Therefore, they should be a comprehensive treatise on the chosen topic, including all analysed ideas, main arguments and findings. In principle, they should be very close to the final versions of the papers. After the first internal review, the authors will be notified and will be allowed to amend or change their papers according to the reviewer’s suggestions. Therefore, working paper is definitely not merely a concept or extended synopsis of the contribution. The paper template has to be used for the working papers. If the working paper will not correspond to these requirements, they will not be accepted for publication.

Final papers

Final papers are subject to double blind peer review. The use of the paper template is obligatory. The papers that will not follow the paper template will not be published.

Paper template is to be found here.


For the respective days for submitting abstracts, working papers and final papers see schedule in the basic information.