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List of Participans (in alpabeth order)

This is a preliminary list of participants.

  1. Kamila ABBASI, Czech Republic
    Religious garment in public areas
  2. Kateřina AUGUSTÍNOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Consequences of defects of expression of will with regards to an agreement on the performance of an office in capital company: invalidity/fiction of non-adoption of general meeting resolution and invalidity/nullity of the agreement
  3. Mgr., Bc. Martina BARÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legal expertize in criminal proceeding
  4. Mgr. et Mgr. Helena BARTÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Court protection angainst unlawful interference and investigative powers in competition law
  5. JUDr. Andrej BELEŠ, Slovak Republic
  6. Mgr. Jaroslav BENÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  7. Dominik BERÁNEK, Czech Republic
  8. MUDr. Mgr. Štěpánka BIBROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Refusal and failure to provide healthcare for under-age patients
  9. Mgr. Nikoleta BITTEROVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Application of Margin of Appreciation in Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights Regarding the Surrogate Motherhood
  10. Mgr. Kateřina BLISOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Conclusion of Executive Service Agreement and Related Questions
  11. Viktoria Fedorovna BORISOVA , Russian Federation
  12. JUDr. Radislav BRAŽINA, Czech Republic
    The importance and functions of the decision´s reasong in imposing administrative sanctions
  13. Jan BROŽ, Czech Republic
    The changes in administrative sanctions in the new Act of the responsibility for misdemeanour and the proceedings about them
  14. Vlastimil CALABA, Czech Republic
    The Legal Guarantees Of Legality In Public Procurement
  15. Mgr.et Mgr. Bc. Hana CEJPEK MUSILOVÁ, Czech Republic
  16. Mgr. Petr COUFALÍK, Czech Republic
    Is The Default Judgment a Kind of Punishment?
  17. Mgr. David ČEP, Czech Republic
    Control over some of public prosecutor´s decisions
  18. JUDr. Ing. Radovan DÁVID, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  19. Mgr. Radka DEMJANOVÁ, Czech Republic
    surrogacy agreement
  20. Jaroslav DIVOKÝ, Czech Republic
  21. Mgr. Matěj DOBEŠ, Czech Republic
  22. JUDr. Marek DOMIN, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The Secret Ballot in Horizontal Relations
  23. Mgr Veronika DOUBKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Competence exclusions under the Act no. 150/2002 Coll., Code of Administrative Justice and other laws
  24. JUDr. Klára DRLIČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  25. Mgr Radek DŘEVĚNÝ, Czech Republic
    The offense of pollution of public spaces and neglect cleaning in the new legislation.
  26. Mgr. Bc. Šárka DUŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The protection from participation in election - the question of restriction of legal capacity in exercise of voting rights
  27. JUDr. Bohumil DVOŘÁK, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
  28. Zuzana DVOŘÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  29. Mgr. Simona EICHLEROVÁ, Czech Republic
  30. Mgr Eliška FISCHEROVÁ, Czech Republic
  31. Martin FLOREŠ, Czech Republic
  32. Dominik FOJT, Czech Republic
    Alcoholism Treatment as a kind of criminal penalties
  33. doc. JUDr. Marek FRYŠTÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  34. Mgr. Monika GAZDOVÁ, Czech Republic
  35. Mgr. John GEALFOW, Czech Republic
    The Violation of Constitutional Rights in Consumer Contracts
  36. JUDr. Barbora GONSIOROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legality as the only mandatory aspect of the review of administrative discretion?
  37. Mgr. Yulia GOROSH, kandidat věd, Czech Republic
    The issue of regulation Deposit Insurance Systems (DIS):| experience and the specifics of modern Russia
  38. JUDr. Barbora GRAMBLIČKOVÁ, LL.M., Slovak Republic
    Removal of a female director based on her pregnancy
  39. Mgr. Martina GROCHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Access to legal parenthood through surrogacy in the Czech republic
  40. JUDr. Lukáš HADAMČÍK, Czech Republic
  41. JUDr. Jakub HALÍŘ, Czech Republic
    Alcohol in the workplace
  42. JUDr. Denisa HAMRANOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Effective regret and tax offenses - application of the ultima ratio principle in the meaning of the principle of legality
  43. Mgr. Bc. Monika HANYCH, Czech Republic
    Legal regulation of all the internets - anybody begged for it?
  44. Mgr. Iva HAUPTFLEISCHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Alcohol and the Legal Capacity
  45. Mgr. Martin HOMOLA, Czech Republic
    To contradictory and applicability of witness testimony in context of sec. 158a of Criminal Procedure Code
  46. Mgr. Barbora HOMOLKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  47. JUDr. Jan HORECKÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Concurrence of Functions - commercial law vs. labour law
  48. Mgr. Erika HORNÍČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Surrogate motherhood in Great Britain as a source of inspiration for the Czech Republic?
  49. Zdeněk HOUDEK, Czech Republic
  50. Jaroslav HROCH, Czech Republic
    Copyright protection of works created by artificial intelligence
  51. Lukáš HRŮŠA, Czech Republic
    Claims from a management agreement in insolvency context
  52. Mgr. Anna CHAMRÁTHOVÁ, Czech Republic
  53. Mgr. Michal CHORVÁT, Slovak Republic
  54. Mgr. Darina CHVOSTEKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Freedom of Expression of a Judge on the Internet and its Limits
  55. Mgr. Alex IVANČO, Czech Republic
    Discussion points: Multilateral Investment Dispute Settlement System
  56. JUDr. Michal JANOUŠEK, Czech Republic
    Selected aspects of adhesion contracting
  57. Mgr. Bc. Petr JEDLIČKA, Czech Republic
    The notion of weaker party in relation to legal persons
  58. Mgr. Monika JEŽKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Financial markets of public health insurance companies
  59. Mgr. Zuzana JEŽKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    to be announced
  60. Mgr. Nikola JÍLKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Influence of New Code of Administrative Offences to Imposing the Administrative Sanctions
  61. Mgr. Miloslav KABRHEL, Czech Republic
    Executive service agreement with reference to private international law
  62. JUDr. Ing. Matej KAČALJAK, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Regulatory framework of provision of consumer loans in Slovakia
  63. Mgr. Vojtěch KADLUBIEC, Czech Republic
  64. Mgr. Lucie KACHRAMANOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Demonstrations of the protection the weaker party in legislation of brokerage contract
  65. doc. JUDr. Věra KALVODOVÁ, Dr., Czech Republic
  66. Mgr. Pavel KANDALEC, Ph.D., LL.M., Afghanistan, Islamic State of
  67. Mgr. Katarína KANDOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Control over some of public prosecutor´s decisions
  68. Mgr. Bc. Ivo KEISLER, Czech Republic
    Disciplinary Responsibility as the Assurance of Legality in the Public Administration
  69. JUDr. Alena KLIKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  70. JUDr. Bc. Eduard KLOBOUČEK, Czech Republic
    Administrative penalties in the Atomic Act
  71. Mgr. Bc. Jana KOKEŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
    How to get the legislator drunk
  72. JUDr. Jana KOMENDOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Labour Law Aspects of Surrogacy Motherhood
  73. Andrea KORÁNOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Surrogacy in the case law of the European Court of Justice
  74. Markéta KORBÁŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Future of administrative offenses
  75. Martin KORNEL, Czech Republic
    Towards surrogacy in the interests of the child?
  76. JUDr. Pavel KOUKAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  77. Mgr. Bc. Kateřina KOVÁŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Serving Unconditional Prison Sentence and Guarantees of Legality
  78. Žaneta KOZUBÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  79. JUDr. Jaromír KOŽIAK, Czech Republic
  80. Jaroslav KRÁL, Czech Republic
    Getting ready for PRIIPS and legal certainty
  81. doc. JUDr. Zdeňka KRÁLÍČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  82. Mgr. et Mgr. Alica KŘÁPKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  83. Mgr. Kristína KUČEROVÁ, Czech Republic
    OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: A dispute resolution mechanism for resolving conflicts regarding alleged corporate misconduc
  84. Mgr. Hana KÚKOLOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Disqualification and its use in decision-making practice
  85. Mgr. Karolína KUTNAROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Problematics of concurrent functions statutory authority and labor-law relationship in the case of cooperative
  86. JUDr. Tereza KYSELOVSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Bude doplněno
  87. JUDr. Jan LASÁK, LL.M., Ph.D., Czech Republic
  88. Mgr. Petra LAVICKÁ, Czech Republic
    Conceptual questions on certain conditions of the judgment by default
  89. doc. JUDr. Petr LAVICKÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  90. Mgr. Anna LEBEDOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Protection of the rights of the excluded association´s member
  91. Alexandr LIOLIAS, Czech Republic
    Unfair Trade Practices on Internet
  92. JUDr. Jana LÍZNEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  93. Martin LOUČKA, Czech Republic
    Support of the internal market the European way: impact of the Article 13 of the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market
  94. JUDr. Pavel LOUTOCKÝ, BA (Hons), Czech Republic
    Where do we stand with consumer ODR in EU?
  95. Mgr. Marcela LUKÁŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Driving under the influence in the past, present and future
  96. Mgr. Silvie MAHDALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Approach of selected European countries to polygamy and marriages with minors
  97. Jan MALÝ, Czech Republic
    Publicity of the Main Trial as a Guarantee of Legality
  98. Mgr. Michal MATOUŠ, Czech Republic
    Abuse of law in the context of administrative justice
  99. Martin MIČKAL, Czech Republic
    Several safeguards of legality of procedural acts in preliminary procedure
  100. Vojtěch MIHALÍK, Czech Republic
    Responsibility for damage caused by advice
  101. Mgr. Monika MINAŘÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Administrative penalties in the area of water law
  102. Mgr. Jana MLÝNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Tenant protection against dismissal from the tenancy and its comparison with Latvian Legislation
  103. JUDr. Jakub MORÁVEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  104. Jan MUŠUTA, Czech Republic
    Guarantees of Legality in Administrative Procedures in Competence of School Directors
  105. Alena NAVRÁTILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Wrongful Life and Wrongful Birth Actions with Regard to Patients Refusal of Care and Witholding of Care by Physician
  106. Mgr. Jiří NOVÁK, Czech Republic
  107. Mgr. Jana NOVÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Alcohol as a violator of public order – the analysis of interpretive approaches of the Constitutional Court in proceedings regarding “anti-alcohol” municipal ordinance
  108. student Elena OBUDENNAYA, student, Russian Federation
    Legal Issues of Surrogacy in Russia and European Countries
  109. Mgr. Sabina ONDŘEJCOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Surrogate Motherhood in the Light of UK Legislation
  110. Mgr. Martin ORVISKÝ, Slovak Republic
    Legislation of Judgement by default in Civil Dispute Procedure Code
  111. Mgr. et Mgr. Veronika OŠKEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  112. Mgr. Milan PALÁSEK, Czech Republic
    The Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union Relating to Surrogacy
  113. Mgr. Iva PALKOVSKÁ, Czech Republic
    Protection of the weaker party in case-law of the EU Court of Justice
  114. Mgr. et Mgr. Tereza PAPOUŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Fundamental Group Rights
  115. Mgr. Ondřej PAVELEK, Czech Republic
  116. Mgr. Bc. Sabina PAZDEROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Taxation of a financial sector
  117. Robert PEŠA, Czech Republic
    Influence of the Consumer Protection on the Bill of Exchange Law
  118. Magdalena PETRŮ, Czech Republic
    Soviet anti-alcohol campaigns and related legislation
  119. Lenka PÍČOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Freedom of expression and protection of public interest - case of whistleblowing
  120. Mgr. Zdena PINKAVOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Current issues of default judgement
  121. Marek PIVODA, Czech Republic
    Hate Speech, Freedom of Expression and Facebook
  122. Mgr. Martina POSPÍŠILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Alkoholism as a Reason for Divorce/Separation of Marriage (1918-1938)
  123. Mgr. Jan PROVAZNÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Right to a Lawful Judge in the Preparatory Criminal Proceedings
  124. Doc. JUDr. Ivana PRŮCHOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
  125. Mgr. Monika PŘÍKAZSKÁ, Czech Republic
    Breach of the executive service agreement
  126. Mgr. Ivan PUŠKÁR, Slovak Republic
    Customary Rules as Applicable Law and Their Importance in Investor-State Arbitration
  127. Mgr. Peter RAKOVSKÝ, Slovak Republic
    The system of consumer protection as weaker party on the financial market
  128. Alžbeta ROSINOVÁ, Czech Republic
  129. Ing. Mgr. Radek RUBAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  130. Mgr. Pavlína RUCKI, Czech Republic
  131. Mgr. Pavlína RÝPALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Changes and effectiveness of administrative punishment in the waste management in the light of the perception of waste as a resource.
  132. Daniel SAPÁK, Czech Republic
  133. JUDr. David SEHNÁLEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  134. doc. JUDr. Markéta SELUCKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  135. Mgr. Jan SCHEUER, Czech Republic
    Alcolock - the future for the drink-drivers?
  136. Mgr. Jan SCHEUER, Czech Republic
    Influence of the new administrative penal system on the environmental law.
  137. Mgr. Tibor SKALKA, Czech Republic
  138. Mgr. Zdeněk Jiří SKUPIN, Czech Republic
    Collective manager in the adhesive proceeding
  139. Barbora SLÁNSKÁ, Czech Republic
    Administrative Punishment in the Case of the Charges Imposed to Protect the Environment
  140. Mgr. Nelly SPRINGINSFELDOVÁ, Czech Republic
  141. Mgr. Ivana STEHLÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  142. Mgr. Bc. Lucie STRAKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    New institutes of collective management: Independent management entities
  143. Jakub STROUHAL, Czech Republic
    Remonstrance activity of The Office for the Protection of Competition in the field of public procurement
  144. Jan SURÝ, Czech Republic
    Absence of regulatory oversight of ČNB over privately placed bonds
  145. Mgr. Ondřej SVOBODA, Czech Republic
    Current state of transparency in investment arbitration: Progress made but not enough
  146. Mgr. Tomáš SVOBODA, Czech Republic
  147. JUDr. Jana SÝKOROVÁ, Slovak Republic
    About the possibility of the application of consumer protection legislation to the legal position of an injured party claiming for damages directly against the insurance undertaking
  148. Tereza SYLVESTROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Right to be forgotten and its enforcement
  149. JUDr. Ing. Michael ŠEFČÍK, Czech Republic
    Evidence of participating in VAT frauds
  150. Hana ŠERÁ, Czech Republic
    Fundamental Human Rights of Parents and Childs in Connection with Surrogate Maternity
  151. Ing. Nikola ŠIMKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Annual Assessment of the Online Dispute Resolution Platform in the EU
  152. Mgr. Ľuboš ŠIMONČIČ, Slovak Republic
    About the possibility of the application of consumer protection legislation to the legal position of an injured party claiming for damages directly against the insurance undertaking
  153. Josef ŠÍP, Czech Republic
    Selected aspects of the freedom of speech at the universities
  154. Josef ŠÍP, Czech Republic
    Integrated functional supervision and regulation exercised by the Czech National Bank
  155. Mgr. Markéta ŠLEJHAROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Comparison of the consequences of a default in contentious and non-contentious proceeding
  156. Mgr. Kateřina ŠVARCOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Breach Of The Obligation Set Out In Generally Binding Ordinance Of Municipality
  157. Mgr. Martin ŠVEC, Czech Republic
    Infringement Proceedings as a Tool to Dismantle European Internal Network of Bilateral Investment Treaties
  158. Mgr. Adam TALANDA, Czech Republic
    Alcohol intoxication in inheritance law
  159. Mgr. Iveta TALANDOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Alcohol intoxication in inheritance law
  160. Mgr. Lea TRNOVSZKÁ, Slovak Republic
    The system of consumer protection as weaker party on the financial market
  161. JUDr. Ing. Zuzana TURČANOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Principles-based insurance regulation
  162. Mgr. Tomáš VACHUTKA, Czech Republic
    Administrative punishment in funeral law
  163. Mgr. Ing. Martina VALACHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legal aspects of Bitcoin payments
  164. Mgr. Jakub VALC, Czech Republic
    Surrogacy and its (non)regulation by czech legislature
  165. Mgr. Lenka VAVRUŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Recourse claim as a guarantee of legality in public administration
  166. Mgr. Bc. Pavel VÁŽAN, Czech Republic
    Consumer Protection, as the weaker party, in light of the Act no. 257/2016 Coll., On Consumer Credit
  167. Mgr. Bc. Svatava VEVERKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    A Gift You Pay for – the Suspensive and Termination Condition in Contracts on LED Bulbs
  168. Mgr. Michal VÍTEK, Czech Republic
    Current View of the Concurrence of Functions
  169. Mgr. Jiří VODIČKA, Czech Republic
    Liability for Contraventions and their Proceedings Act and Air Protection Act – contemplating changes
  170. Tomáš VOHRABAL, Czech Republic
  171. Prof. JUDr. Ladislav VOJÁČEK, CSc., Czech Republic
  172. Mgr. Radek VOJTEK, Czech Republic
    Central Counterparties as the Achilles' Heel of (European) financial system?
  173. MUDr. Mgr. Tomáš VOJTÍŠEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  174. Anežka VRCHOTOVÁ, Czech Republic
  175. Mgr. Pavel VŠETIČKA, Czech Republic
    Ensure the legality of the implementation of immediate action
  176. JUDr. Ladislav VYHNÁNEK, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
  177. Mgr. Filip ZAJÍČEK, Czech Republic
    Lynch of public prossecutors: Is it good idea?
  178. Mgr. Lucie ZAVADILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Matrimonial Property Regimes within the Context of Immigration Crisis
  179. ANRAN ZHANG, LL.M, Netherlands
    Investor-state Tribunals: Piercing the veil of the company, or not?
  180. Mgr. Jan ZIBNER, Czech Republic
    Exploratory Analysis of the CJEU Case Law in Matters of Originality
  181. Mgr. Dominik ŽIDEK, Czech Republic
    to be announced
  182. Veronika ŽOLNERČÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The present and the future of copyright protection regarding audio-visual works