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List of Participans (by sections)

This is a preliminary list of participants.

  1. JUDr. Stanislav BARKOCI, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Legal and economic aspects of branding in start-up and spin-off companies
  2. Mgr.et Mgr. Bc. Hana CEJPEK MUSILOVÁ, Czech Republic
  3. Mgr. Michal ČERNÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Meaning of case-law in The Law of geographical indications and traditional terms
  4. Jan DOHNAL, Czech Republic
  5. JUDr. Kateřina EICHLEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  6. JUDr. Barbora GRAMBLIČKOVÁ, PhD., LL.M., Slovak Republic
    Legal and economic aspects of branding in start-up and spin-off companies
  7. Ondřej HAŠKA, Czech Republic
    Participatory budgeting marketing
  8. Adam HUSSEIN, Czech Republic
  9. JUDr. Hana KELBLOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  10. Mgr. Martina KOPCOVÁ, Czech Republic
  11. JUDr. Pavel KOUKAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  12. Aleš MALACH, Czech Republic
  13. Karolína PALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  14. Mgr. Alena POKORNÁ, Czech Republic
  15. Mgr. Bc. Helena PULLMANNOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Trade name as a thing and the possibilities of dispositions with rights related to it in comparative contexts
  16. Mgr. Bc. Šárka ŠILHÁNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Fashion Law and Parody - Selected Questions
  17. Prof. JUDr. Ivo TELEC, CSc., Czech Republic
  18. Matěj VAVRINEC, Czech Republic
  19. Zuzana VLACHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Conflict-of-law aspects of trade mark transfers
  1. Mgr. Michal ANTOŠ, Czech Republic
    Commandite Sum
  2. Gabriela BREJCHOVÁ, Czech Republic
  3. Luboš BRIM, Czech Republic
  4. Mgr. Martin FLOREŠ, Czech Republic
  5. doc. JUDr. Bohumil HAVEL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  6. JUDr. Ing. Dušan HRABÁNEK, Czech Republic
  7. Lukáš HRŮŠA, Czech Republic
    Unlimited liability company and bankruptcy
  8. Tomáš KIRNER, Czech Republic
  9. JUDr. Jaromír KOŽIAK, Czech Republic
    Conducting Labor in a Partnership Company
  10. JUDr. Jan LASÁK, LL.M., Ph.D., Czech Republic
  11. Mgr. Ondřej MÁLEK, Czech Republic
  12. Mgr. Jana POLÁŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Fiduciary duties of a member of a personal company
  13. Mgr. Monika PŘÍKAZSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  14. Tereza Tina RAŠŤÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  15. Ing. Mgr. Radek RUBAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  16. Bc. Roman ŠAFÁŘ, Czech Republic
    Capitalization of a Public Company: Is Inheritance and Share Transfer Consistent with the Concept of Personal Companies?
  17. Tomáš VOHRABAL, Czech Republic
    The legal nature of memorandum of association
  1. Kamila ABBASI, Czech Republic
    Immigration detention as a result of illegal entry
  2. JUDr. Markéta BEDNÁŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Administrative expulsion as a punishment
  3. Mgr. Vladislav BERNARD, Czech Republic
    Infringements during on-spot investigations conducted by competition authorities
  4. Mgr. Jan FERFECKÝ, Czech Republic
    Administrative punishment of judicial experts and interpreters – its specifics and perspectives
  5. JUDr. Tereza CHADIMOVÁ, Czech Republic
  6. JUDr. Anna CHAMRÁTHOVÁ, Czech Republic
  7. Kamil JELÍNEK, Czech Republic
    Offenses under the Public Procurement Act and their Specifics
  8. Eva LÁSKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Detention of a foreigner: Punishment or protection?
  9. JUDr. Michal MÁRTON, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Points on drivers for traffic violation as punishment
  10. Mgr. Patrícia PEVALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Tax penalty as a punishment
  11. Mgr. Pavel PŮČEK, Czech Republic
  12. Mgr. Tibor SKALKA, Czech Republic
  13. Mgr. Tomáš SVOBODA, Czech Republic
  14. Ing. Mgr. Josef ŠÍP, Czech Republic
    Bude doplněno
  15. Mgr. Soňa VEČEŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
  16. Mgr. Andrea VUONGOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Levy and delay penalties due to budgetary discipline breach
  1. doc. JUDr. Gábor HULKÓ, PhD., Hungary
  2. JUDr. Michal JANTOŠ, Czech Republic
    The Register of contracts as a proactive requirement on access to information
  3. JUDr. Petr POSPÍŠIL, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Some issues related to the responsibility for the economy of the municipal (regional) allowance organization
  4. Mgr. Petr RŮŽIČKA, Czech Republic
  5. Ing. Mgr. Miroslava SEDLÁČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Bid rigging
  6. JUDr. Mgr. Miriam SLOBODNÍKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Green Public Procurement of Administrative Buildings
  7. Mgr. Jan SVOBODA, Czech Republic
    The Software Procurement by Contracting Authorities in the Form of Negotiated Procedure with Publication
  1. Dominik BERÁNEK, Czech Republic
  2. Jan BROŽ, Czech Republic
  3. Mgr. Kateřina GABRHELÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  4. Mgr. Lenka HLAVÁČOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Correction of defective binding opinions issued for the purposes of proceedings under the Building Act - Evaluation and Impact of the Amendment to the Building Act No. 225/2017 Coll. one year after its entry into force
  5. Nikola CHÁBOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Binding opinions in the area of apiculture
  6. Štěpán JAKL, Czech Republic
    Binding Opinions on the Construction Proceedings Regarding the Waste Management
  7. Mgr. Kateřina KOMÁROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Binding Opinions in Relation to Landscape Character
  8. Mgr. Anna LAJČÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Relevance and specificities of the spatial planning authorities
  9. Mgr. Monika MINAŘÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Position of the general building authority as a concerned authority in common proceeding
  10. JUDr. Aleš SOVA, Czech Republic
    Coordination of the binding opinions of the related authorities
  11. JUDr. Dominik ŽIDEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    A role of the administrative authorities concerned in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation
  1. Mgr. Tereza ANTLOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Binding instruction
  2. Josef BÁRTŮ, Czech Republic
    The reduction of purchase price applied by the consumer
  3. Mgr. Michal BLAŽEK, Czech Republic
    Unilateral legal acts of the Labor Law Ombudsman
  4. Romana BLAŽKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  5. Alexander BRÖSTL, Slovak Republic
    Withdrawal from the contract - the obligation to define its cause
  6. Mgr. Marie KOVÁŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
  7. Bc. Matěj KŮREČKA, Czech Republic
    Negotiorum gestio - altruism or pragmatism of the gestor?
  8. JUDr. Peter LUKÁČKA, Ph.D., Slovak Republic
    Unilateral legal acts and individual administrative acts in the termination of eployment in public administration
  9. JUDr. Vladimír MINČIČ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Unilateral legal acts and individual administrative acts in the termination of eployment in public administration
  10. Mgr. Jana MLÝNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Termination of rent of flat and house
  11. Mgr. Jan MUČKA, Czech Republic
    Unilateral juridical act and servitude
  12. JUDr. Miroslav ONDRÚŠ, Czech Republic
    Liability for defects after expiration of claim times
  13. Hana ŠERÁ, Czech Republic
  14. JUDr. Adam TALANDA, Czech Republic
    What rights can be withdrawn through disinheritance?
  15. JUDr. Iveta TALANDOVÁ, Czech Republic
    What rights can be withdrawn through disinheritance?
  16. Mgr. Bc. Svatava VEVERKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Withdraw from the Contract Concluded with Middleman in Energy Trading
  17. Mgr. Roman ZAPLETAL, Czech Republic
    Immediate Termination of Employment in Accordance with Section 55 Paragraph 1b of the Labour Code
  1. JUDr. Katarína BURDOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The consequences of Brexit on cross border matrimonial proceedings
  2. Zuzana FRANTÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Some aspects of the settlement of joint property of spouses in practice
  3. Mgr. Adam HOLUBÁŘ, Czech Republic
  4. Martin KORNEL, Czech Republic
    Divorce Proceedings as Non-contentious Proceeding
  5. Petra KOTKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  6. Prof. JUDr. Zdeňka KRÁLÍČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  7. Mgr. Bc. Radovan MALACHTA, Czech Republic
    Public policy in proceedings in matrimonial and partnership matters with cross-border element
  8. Mgr. Martina POSPÍŠILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The divorce proceedings between 1918 and 1938 in Czechoslovakia
  9. JUDr. Kristina SEDLÁKOVÁ SALIBOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Specification of the divorce proceeding in czech and lebanese legal regulation
  1. Mgr. Ondřej BENC, Czech Republic
    Social credit system - the next level of the state supervision using modern technology in PRC
  2. Anna BLECHOVÁ, Czech Republic
  3. Mgr. Dominika GALAJDOVA, Czech Republic
  4. JUDr. Jakub HARAŠTA, Czech Republic
  5. Petr KALENSKÝ, Czech Republic
    The (In)Ability to Provide Rights to Software as a Collateral in Transactional Practice
  6. Mgr. Ing. František KASL, Czech Republic
    Conundrum of "data breach": Analysis of the terminological disunity of data breach/security breach in Czech and European law
  7. JUDr. Samuel KRÁL, Czech Republic
    Public licenses in case law and their enforceability in Czech legal system
  8. Andrej KRIŠTOFÍK, Slovak Republic
    Copyrighting web scraped data for the purposes of training machine learning models
  9. Ing. Peter MIHÓK, PhD., Slovenia
    The current challenges in Law related to the launching of electronic monitoring of offenders in Slovakia
  10. Tereza NOVOTNÁ, Czech Republic
    Network analysis of semantic similarity of the texts of court decisions
  11. Mgr. Štěpán RICHTER, Czech Republic
    Legal issues of lootboxes
  12. Bc. Jan ŠLAJS, Czech Republic
    Copyright Consequences of Sampling in The Music Industry
  13. Mgr. Jakub VOSTOUPAL, Czech Republic
    The Future of the Certification of the Cybersecurity Technologies in Europe
  14. JUDr. Jan ZIBNER, Czech Republic
    The Questions of AI's Liability for a Copyright Infringement
  15. Mgr. Veronika ŽOLNERČÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Proof of Causal Nexus in Cooperative Systems
  1. JUDr. Vladimír BALCAR, Czech Republic
    Is the legislation of unreliable VAT payer in breach of the constitution?
  2. Mgr. Ing. Marek BOČÁNEK, Czech Republic
  3. Mgr. Romana BUZKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Suspension of EU funding as a penalty for excessive deficit?
  4. Tereza ČEJKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  5. Mgr. Bc. Dávid FOGAD, MBA, Czech Republic
  6. Mgr. Ing. Filip HEJL, Czech Republic
  7. Mgr. Štěpán KNETL, Czech Republic
    Crypto-assets From The Law Perspective
  8. Mgr. Ján MAZÚR, PhD., Slovak Republic
  9. Mgr., Bc. Nikol NEVEČEŘALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  10. Martin PRACNÝ , Czech Republic
    The formation of Czechoslovakia and the assumption of the Austro-Hungarian state debt
  11. Bc. Zuzana ŠIKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Historical context leading to the conclusion of the Convention for the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency
  12. Josef ŠÍP, Czech Republic
    Bude doplněno
  13. Filip ŠVARC, Czech Republic
  1. MUDr. Mgr. Štěpánka BIBROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Privacy protection and medical documentation from the point of view of everyday medical practice
  2. Mgr. Jaroslav DIVOKÝ, Czech Republic
    Medical confidentiality in connection with hospitalization
  3. Mgr. Jan GREPL, Czech Republic
    Patient rights related to medical records management
  4. Mgr. Ondřej KAŠPAR, Czech Republic
  5. Mgr. Petra LANČOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Selected specifics of privacy protection in clinical trials
  6. JUDr. Vendula MEZEIOVÁ, LL.M, Czech Republic
    Personal health and related data - Is it res publica?
  7. Mgr Matěj STŘÍTESKÝ, Czech Republic
    Thematic analysis of the decision on the admissibility of the civil involuntary commitment
  8. Mgr. Adam ŠKARKA, Czech Republic
    Paradoxes of keeping and accessing of medical records in the facilities providing social services
  9. Mgr. Filip ZAJÍČEK, Czech Republic
    Pitfalls of transfer of the electronic medical records
  1. Mgr. Radka BARTOŠÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Limits of criminal sanctions of insider trading
  2. Bc. Kristýna BENDOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Complex sanction of personal information leakage from criminal proceeding
  3. JUDr. Eva BRUCKNEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  4. Mgr. Adam COUFAL, Czech Republic
    Collateral proccedings like a part of criminal proceedings focused on compensation for non-material damage
  5. Mgr. Kateřina CPINOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Crime of evasion of alimony payments under the czech criminal law
  6. Mgr. David ČEP, Czech Republic
    Illegal Act Commited Before Creation of Legal Entity - Where the Private and Criminal Law Does (not) Meet
  7. JUDr. Jan DVOŘÁK, Czech Republic
    Classified Information as a Normative Atribute of a Criminal Offence
  8. Dominik FOJT, Czech Republic
    Influence of the European Union law on the criminal law of the Czech Republic
  9. doc. JUDr. Marek FRYŠTÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  10. Jan GREGOR, Czech Republic
    Unauthorized Gambling operations in the Application Practice - Offense or Crime?
  11. Kateřina HLAVÁČOVÁ , Czech Republic
    Police information leakage from the criminal law point of view
  12. Prof. JUDr. Věra KALVODOVÁ, Dr., Czech Republic
  13. Mgr. Katarína KANDOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Illegal Act Commited Before Creation of Legal Entity - Where the Private and Criminal Law Does (not) Meet
  14. Silvie KOLDASOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The criminal liability of a doctor and its interaction with other kinds of legal liability
  15. Mgr. Pavel KOTLÁN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Importance of the Selected Provisions of Private Law for the Principle of Subsidiarity of Criminal Repression
  16. Mgr. Marcela LUKÁŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
  17. Mgr. Jan MALÝ, Czech Republic
    Criminal liability of a subsidiary association
  18. Mgr. Silvia MIČUDOVÁ , Slovak Republic
    Competency of international law in the area of preservation of prisoners ‘ human rights
  19. Barbora MITÁŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Criminal law as the last resort in environmental protection
  20. Mgr. Ludmila MOUDRÁ, Czech Republic
    Partial questions related to wiretapping and interception of electronic communications
  21. Mária NAGYOVÁ, Slovak Republic
  22. Martin ORVISKÝ, Slovak Republic
    Electronic monitoring and its use outside criminal proceedings
  23. Marie POPPEOVÁ, Czech Republic
  24. JUDr. Jan PROVAZNÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  25. Mgr. Jan SCHEUER, Czech Republic
    The concept of the administrative offence and its modifications by lex specialis
  26. Mgr. Veronika SKALICKÁ, Czech Republic
  27. Mgr. Zdeněk Jiří SKUPIN, Czech Republic
    Criminal records in foreign countries and international exchange of information
  28. Nikola SMETANOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Possibility of Reverting an Effective Transformation of a Legal Person from the Point of View of Criminal and Commercial Law
  29. JUDr. Hana ŠIMÁNOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Criminal Sanctions under Tax Law: On Conflict of Tax Law and Criminal Law and the Principle of Ne Bis in Idem
  30. JUDr. Zoltán VALENTOVIČ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Electronic monitoring and its use outside criminal proceedings
  31. Mgr. Terezie VOJTÍŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Hyperlinks on websites as an infridgement of copyright?
  32. JUDr. Marika ZAHRADNÍČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Instructions in the System of Public Prosecution and their Influence on Criminal Proceedings
  1. JUDr. Petr COUFALÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    the position of the childer and under-age in the civil contentious proceeding
  2. JUDr. Bohumil DVOŘÁK, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
  3. JUDr. Viktor GAZDA, Czech Republic
    A Meaning of Principles of Formal and Substantive Legal Truth and their Connection to Other Procedural Principles
  4. Bc. Ondřej GLOGAR, Czech Republic
    Principle of Directness in Connection with Narrative Theory
  5. Tereza HAJDAJOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Individualisation of the burden of substantiation regarding the adversarial principle of the civil proceedings
  6. Mgr. Jan HOLAS, Czech Republic
  7. JUDr. Michaela KÚTIKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The principle of oral proceedings in civil proceedings
  8. Petra LAVICKÁ, Czech Republic
    Third party intervention and compensation for the damage in the light of the Act 82/1998 Coll.
  9. Mgr. Filip MAZEL, Czech Republic
    Material conduct of the proceedings ruled by the adversarial principle
  10. Mgr. Martin ORVISKÝ, Slovak Republic
    The principle of oral proceedings in civil proceedings
  11. Mgr. Robert PEŠA, Czech Republic
    The Standard of Proof and Its Embedding in the Main Principles of the Civil Procedure
  12. JUDr. Zdeněk PULKRÁBEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  13. Jiří STÝBLO, Czech Republic